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Content marketing that pleases the constantly connected

Our goal behind every content marketing campaign is easy: generate revenue. Through our content marketing services, we optimize the whole sales funnel. By looking at the entire funnel with laser-focus, we are ready to craft content that elicits a positive emotion and results in the desired action.

These actions enable us to match the informational requirements of your customers at each stage of buying cycle, which enables you to join your customers along the journey.

Our Conclusions: A positive ROI for each marketing dollar you spend.

Here’s Our Method for Delivering

Success Achieved Through Content Marketing

Customer Insights

Force consumer feedback to understand the customer journey.

Content Audit

Audit your content to understand what you have and what is missing.

Content Strategy

The informational requirements of your customers drive content strategy.

Content Creation

Use various forms of content based on your customer’s needs.

Content Promotion

Add image creation, testing, and optimization based on results.

Customer Insights

Content marketing requires a deep knowledge of your customers and what makes them tick. The real way to figure that out is to ask them! We work to make customer feedback by sending surveys and questionnaires asking them questions like:

Where did they study about your business? 

Why did they select to buy products you offer? 

How much does price influence their decisions? 

Our questions are meant to give us insight into your customer buying behavior – e.g. – where and how they buy products. We could leverage this feedback to get to know the customer journey.

Businesses usually identify “who they are selling too” in some capacity. But, very few businesses have mapped their buyer persona’s individual journey. Collecting data assists us to understand each buyer’s individual journey. Which allows us to gain a broad perspective of the audience’s’ needs at every stage of the buying process. This information leads our content creation.

Content Audit

Once we recognize the buyer’s journey we take an inventory of the content on your site. Comparable to how you take inventory of the products you have on hand, Balkan Team does an inventory audit to know what you have and what is missing.

Our inventory audit includes:

  • Central pages – e.g. – homepage, about us page, contact us, etc.
  • Category, Subcategory and Product pages
  • Brand pages
  • Blog Posts
  • Resources pages
  • FAQs

Content Strategy

Your customer’s journey and the content audit behave as a starting point to our content marketing strategy. This encourages us to see where there are gaps in your current content and create a strategy around filling those gaps.

This phase includes the following:

  • Content Scale
  • Content Depth

Are product descriptions adequately descriptive and informative?

  • Content Completeness
  • Content Relevancy and Frequency
  • Content Visibility
  • Content Accuracy
  • Content Creation

Our team works on the underlying assumption that quality content is status quo. We also see that a content marketing campaign cannot sustain on blog posts alone. It requires various types of content to effectively reach your audience.

At Balkan Team, we craft amazing and varied content such as:

Blog Posts

Blogging is a proven way to stimulate more organic traffic to your website. We approach your blog as the crucial touchpoint between your customers and your business. Blog posts work as the first touch point among your customers and often start the conversation. Whether you want to be enlightening and informative, or subjective and showcasing your brand’s point of view, there’s a blog post for that.

‘Super’ Posts (aka Long-Form Content)

To make something super, you have to go high. Really big! Super posts are just that: really big, really cool, resource heavy blog posts that not only attract but retain your target audience and prepare them to think.


If you spend time on social media sites, you’ve probably taken a quiz. We produce and promote quizzes that are white labeled and embedded on your blog to encourage awareness, social shares, backlinks, and sales for your business.

Sweepstakes & Giveaways

Sweepstakes and giveaways are an excellent way to instantly generate brand awareness and sales for your company. We encourage companies to set up and promote giveaways on their site. Then we raise your giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc. to generate revenue.


For the visual learners among us, infographics are a fiercely powerful tool in interesting and engaging potential customers. Infographics also referred to as “data visualization” becomes a hard to apply concept or data set and makes it simple to understand. Infographics that are well done get shared, linked to, drive referral traffic, and revenue.


Micrographics are just a smaller variant of an infographic. They normally contain just 1-2 data points. As with our infographics, we not only design them but develop and execute a promotion strategy to reach them far and wide.

We utilize our knowledge of your industry and target market to select the most appropriate paid promotion channels and to recognize the most relevant and impactful channels for your specific brand. We assure your ads reach the maximum number of target audience members while maximizing your ad spend. Our Solution: Pay less without missing audience reach.

Content Promotion


Platform Selection

Based on your purposes we’ll use various platforms to deliver your ads. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google PPC, Content Recommendation Engines and more.

Ad Creation Services

Our design team will produce compelling ad images and ad copy.

Ad Testing

We use different ad platforms to examine your ads on and measure the results.

Ad Optimization

Once we get an ad platform that drives quality traffic we optimize the ads to decrease the cost per click.

After we decide which channels will be used, we then prioritize and allocate budgets appropriately. Depending on your target market’s behavior, changing targeting, copy, and bidding strategies will be employed. All of your advanced content promotions are constantly optimized with great scrutiny to reach their full potential in terms of your specific aims. We monitor all indicators and results of paid promotions so we can quickly make the necessary adjustments.

Want To Grow Revenue from Content Marketing?

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