Our Methodology

In today’s active marketplace, it is important that your company has access to the most up-to-date Internet technologies. Our web development solutions are developed with your business processes in mind, giving your business a means for running more smoothly and efficiently. We take measures to guarantee that your company’s online infrastructure is secure and running productively.

Company Identity

Balkan Team understands your company identity influences your bottom line. A positive company and product identity improve your sales and your entire marketing communications plan. A strong company identity can improve, create, and project an image that will help you sell your product or service.

Your Company Identity Design

We try to make your companies identity design exactly what you are looking for. A company’s corporate identity design is not only its personality, but the companies idea of being, spirit, and soul. The image displayed by the “company’s personality” will make the company identifiable and different from the rest.

When making your company identity design we include all the aspects, ideas, methods, and techniques that your brand needs to be identifiable. Our corporate identity design incorporates the following; logo design, business card design, stationary design, marketing materials, and much more.

We know that a powerful company identity strengthens your brand and allows it to become recognizable to the target audience. Consequently, when creating your company’s identity design, we strive to create exactly what you are looking for.

Media Planning and Placement

With international, national, spot market and local buying power, Balkan Team implements a blueprint of advertising activity, including the optimal media mix within each of the mediums utilized. It also may be important that we not only have no agency fee, unlike most of our rivals, but that we use our buying power to get you extremely low rates.


Making a Roadmap

Buying and planning the right media has always demanded superior knowledge and leverage to deliver precise media schedules based on a client’s target area, demographics, and key performance indicators.

We Have Each Area Covered

You can name it: Travel/Tourism, Education, Finance/Banking, Food/Restaurant Services, Entertainment, Transportation, Healthcare, Retail, Electronics, Fashion , Telecommunications, Automotive, B-to-C and B-to-B clients. We are different. Requiring no retainer or planning fees and remaining completely transparent with our clients. We have crafted an uncommon formula that has allowed for purchasing power in all forms of media and improves our digital capabilities to remain as current as a full-service media-buying agency can be.

Productivity is Key

Our goal is to effectively reach the right audience, stimulate action, and generate results. Our media philosophy and main idea is that all effective media is efficient, but all efficient media may not be effective. This is what motivates us.